Kyle Zheng

was listening to "nothing" by no one, and he really likes "nothing" by no one.

recently watched The Day After Tomorrow. It was not a movie he would recommend.

develops web apps, because the web is cross-platform, accessible, and more performant than ever.


Purdue University

May 2023

B.S. Computer Science and Math

Purdue Cognition and Learning Lab

May 2020 - Present

Web Programmer

I help psychology researchers create online psychology experiments. I inherited a cl*sterfuck of aged and poorly documented custom web apps, websites, and services, and rebuilt it into a modern experience for users and developers. I put effort into documentation and maintainability, so these tools can be passed on to future programmers and researchers.


May 2022 - Aug 2022

Software Engineer Intern

I worked on improving the core product, a web-based low/no-code editor for frontline operations. Apart from enhancing features and accessibility of existing UI, I owned adding editable rich text to the editor. This involved a creating a custom WYSIWYG editing interface and updating the internal text format, all while integrating with the existing multilingual text features.


May 2021 - Aug 2021

Software Engineer Intern

I worked on creating the frontend for a new transactions management and spending history feature. I tested and gave feedback on the emerging API and prototyped data visualizations for spending breakdowns.

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